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Endless winter.

This winter has been the most strange one in years. We are just i end of February and it has been so warm that i rode my Monster cross on bare asphalt yesterday.
Usually this time of year is the absolute coldest. This pic is my profile picture of FB from last years February. It was shot after a ride from work in -34°c.
All this spring feelings kick starts my road bike heart. It´s not good. Since this spring feelings aren´t true. Winter is MTB-time and there is still lots of that left. I´ll guess the roads won’t be clean until May. But i can´t help longing for bright summer nights with hot asphalt and just go on mile by mile. Hit some nice café and have at stop with some friends.
Here is how bright the nights are here in Swedish Lapland. This pic is captured around 7 pm.
beer ride
Last year we had an awesome ride and finished up at our local pub. A Guinness never tastes better then after 70 kilometers of road racing.
beer ride 2

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