Spring is in the air.

Finally it feels like spring is starting to get a grip of things up here. March is really a slow month, it´s so in between winter and summer. But now the the sun is really warming up and the roads starts to be free from ice. I acctually rode the whole way to work on asphalt today =)bild (23)

Yesterday we had a little photo shoot on the iceroad. Problay the last trip on the ice. The spring sun is pretty strong now and it eats the ice fast.
It started with Lars who wanted som cool pics on his new bike. (Check “Lars and the real bike” here on the blog.) But Fredrik, who was our photographer brought his new toy. A Phantom drone for Gopro.

Fredrik took som great pics and made a short film from the drone.
Photo by Fredrik Broman Humanspectra.com

Photo by Fredrik Broman Humanspectra.com

I´ll post the film when it´s up on youtube.

Bicycle blogs.

Having a slow day at work. Not many cutomers at the shop and i am goofing around the internet. Found this awsome top ten bicycle blog list. It´s in german and i don´t understand a bit. But the links are awesome.
Lots of bikelove to get inspired by. Especially now, when spring kind of has hit both breaks. We even had some more snow today =(

Check it out!

I just love the Danish blog Cycle chic.

World Record and Aurora borealis.

It´s been a long weekend. The virus still have the family in a tight grip and tepmrature still below -20 degrees. Not much cycling being done. But it still happens some cool stuff in our little town in Swedish Lapland.

Since Facebook decided to place thier first servers outside the US in Luleå. Facebook-feever has risen in the region.
During this weekend a world reckord human “like thumb” was performed on the ice of one of our city harbours. tummen
2491 people formed the giant thumbs up.

On sunday we also had the luck to witness a Aurora borealis or Northen lights. Even tough we live just a few miles below the arctic circle it´s not that common. The conditions need to be perfect with no clouds. But on sunday night it torched the sky again. It´s quit hard to capture on film. You need a tripod and set a camera on looong shutter time or time laps.

I did not get it this time but my friend Fredrik Broman och Humanspectra.com got some awsome pics last year. Check it out! =)

No matter how many times i see it in real life. It still blow my mind every time.

Damn you virus, damn you straight to hell!

Life could be better. Kids still sick, or at least one of them. Sent the little one to day care. The whole staff was sick and about half of the kids were home. Good thing they have great substitutes. I´ll take the six year old with me to work today. Now i´m sitting and trying to get a column ready for friday. I´m having a hard case of writer´s block. I just linger away to bike sites and blogs. On top of that temperature has sung below -20°c again. Not much riding. The plans for next years Bothina race i moving ahead tough. Having a meeting with a friend friday to make some plans. The arrangers of the competition has showed some interest for a fat bike discipline.

I´m also about to edit some short films from our trip to Björkliden last year, but it´s hard to find the time between diapers, snot and work. Found this pic of me from last year when we did a fashion shoot between the mountain adventures.
Photo by Fredrik Broman www.humanspectra.com

The great indoors. (Makes you think.)

The flu i´ve got has now moved on to my kids. The small one has blown out his own body weight in snot. The older one sounds like an old crow. Poor things. So the plans for a day out on the ice are canceled. Yesterday the Bothnia ski-competition was held. Unfortunately i was stuck at work. But a friend of mine, (the guy who rides the only fat bike in town. At least until min is ready), went on a ride to check out the start. He posted a ride report on the forum were we hang, HappyMTB.org. This started our brains to work. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they could ad a bike class as a discipline.
I´ll guess it would attract riders world wide. 60 km ride on the ice between the towns along our coast line Luleå and Piteå. Not as hard core as Rovaniemi 150 but still a nice race.

I´ll start lobbying to the arrangers right away. And maybe we´ll have us a little race next year.

Kids, bikes and International women’s day.

A friend was about to buy a bike for her kid. In the store she said to the salesman. “Hi we would like to have this bike. Do you have any more in stock or do we just take this one thats for display”. In which the salesman replied. “Oh, but thats a boys bike, the girl bike is over there”. This bug the crap out of me. If you take a look at all the major bike manufactures and their “Kids bikes” every one of them have a boy and a girl line. Mostly the boys bikes are cool rippers and the pics are full of action and fun riding. But the girls bikes are mostly equipped with fenders and a basket on the bars. Even the really small 12″ ones. Just check Cresent, one of the bigger brands i Sweden.
The message being. Bikes for boys is for playing being cool and ripping. Bikes for girls mainly transportation and being cute. I feel sorry that we start to sort kids in to roles of how they are about to behave in such a young age. Of course we as consumers are free to buy what we like for our kids. But the message is already sent and in printed. Why can not kids bicycles just be for kids in general regardless of gender? Why set limits of what they are allowed to do? Every kid wants to play and have fun. Boys and girls.

This is my little girl. She turn six years old next week. She started to ride when she was three. This video was made when she was four. =)
Sorry for poor quality. I shot it with my cell phone.

If you plan to get a bike for your kid. A bike thats just for riding regardless if you have a boy or a girl. Check out Isla bikes. They get what its all about.