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The little things.

To wake up with two happy kids and a crazy spring sun. The headeake from the flu is fading. I can even breathe through my nose to day. That feeling is hard to beat. That is the magic of the little things.
We get up, fix breakfast. I´m finally coming around after a couple of weeks with rain and muddy roads. Then a raging blizzard the last few days.
I take the kids to kindergarden. It´s still cold but the sun i starting to warm up the white world in which we live.
bild (22)

I go home and pick up my bike. Knowing that i´m going to spend the day indoor at my shop. I decide to bring the camera and take a de-tour to work. I head to the beautiful iceroad that surrounds our town during the winter.

This time of year truly is amazing.

During the summer the local yacth-club race here. And when i was young i spent all summers sailing with my parents. Hard to belive when you run on ice thats almost a meter thick.DCIM100GOPRO

Living here sure is a life of contrasts.

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