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Kids, bikes and International women’s day.

A friend was about to buy a bike for her kid. In the store she said to the salesman. “Hi we would like to have this bike. Do you have any more in stock or do we just take this one thats for display”. In which the salesman replied. “Oh, but thats a boys bike, the girl bike is over there”. This bug the crap out of me. If you take a look at all the major bike manufactures and their “Kids bikes” every one of them have a boy and a girl line. Mostly the boys bikes are cool rippers and the pics are full of action and fun riding. But the girls bikes are mostly equipped with fenders and a basket on the bars. Even the really small 12″ ones. Just check Cresent, one of the bigger brands i Sweden.
The message being. Bikes for boys is for playing being cool and ripping. Bikes for girls mainly transportation and being cute. I feel sorry that we start to sort kids in to roles of how they are about to behave in such a young age. Of course we as consumers are free to buy what we like for our kids. But the message is already sent and in printed. Why can not kids bicycles just be for kids in general regardless of gender? Why set limits of what they are allowed to do? Every kid wants to play and have fun. Boys and girls.

This is my little girl. She turn six years old next week. She started to ride when she was three. This video was made when she was four. =)
Sorry for poor quality. I shot it with my cell phone.

If you plan to get a bike for your kid. A bike thats just for riding regardless if you have a boy or a girl. Check out Isla bikes. They get what its all about.

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