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The great indoors. (Makes you think.)

The flu i´ve got has now moved on to my kids. The small one has blown out his own body weight in snot. The older one sounds like an old crow. Poor things. So the plans for a day out on the ice are canceled. Yesterday the Bothnia ski-competition was held. Unfortunately i was stuck at work. But a friend of mine, (the guy who rides the only fat bike in town. At least until min is ready), went on a ride to check out the start. He posted a ride report on the forum were we hang, This started our brains to work. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they could ad a bike class as a discipline.
I´ll guess it would attract riders world wide. 60 km ride on the ice between the towns along our coast line Luleå and Piteå. Not as hard core as Rovaniemi 150 but still a nice race.

I´ll start lobbying to the arrangers right away. And maybe we´ll have us a little race next year.

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