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Damn you virus, damn you straight to hell!

Life could be better. Kids still sick, or at least one of them. Sent the little one to day care. The whole staff was sick and about half of the kids were home. Good thing they have great substitutes. I´ll take the six year old with me to work today. Now i´m sitting and trying to get a column ready for friday. I´m having a hard case of writer´s block. I just linger away to bike sites and blogs. On top of that temperature has sung below -20°c again. Not much riding. The plans for next years Bothina race i moving ahead tough. Having a meeting with a friend friday to make some plans. The arrangers of the competition has showed some interest for a fat bike discipline.

I´m also about to edit some short films from our trip to Björkliden last year, but it´s hard to find the time between diapers, snot and work. Found this pic of me from last year when we did a fashion shoot between the mountain adventures.
Photo by Fredrik Broman

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