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World Record and Aurora borealis.

It´s been a long weekend. The virus still have the family in a tight grip and tepmrature still below -20 degrees. Not much cycling being done. But it still happens some cool stuff in our little town in Swedish Lapland.

Since Facebook decided to place thier first servers outside the US in Luleå. Facebook-feever has risen in the region.
During this weekend a world reckord human “like thumb” was performed on the ice of one of our city harbours. tummen
2491 people formed the giant thumbs up.

On sunday we also had the luck to witness a Aurora borealis or Northen lights. Even tough we live just a few miles below the arctic circle it´s not that common. The conditions need to be perfect with no clouds. But on sunday night it torched the sky again. It´s quit hard to capture on film. You need a tripod and set a camera on looong shutter time or time laps.

I did not get it this time but my friend Fredrik Broman och got some awsome pics last year. Check it out! =)

No matter how many times i see it in real life. It still blow my mind every time.

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