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Spring is in the air.

Finally it feels like spring is starting to get a grip of things up here. March is really a slow month, it´s so in between winter and summer. But now the the sun is really warming up and the roads starts to be free from ice. I acctually rode the whole way to work on asphalt today =)bild (23)

Yesterday we had a little photo shoot on the iceroad. Problay the last trip on the ice. The spring sun is pretty strong now and it eats the ice fast.
It started with Lars who wanted som cool pics on his new bike. (Check “Lars and the real bike” here on the blog.) But Fredrik, who was our photographer brought his new toy. A Phantom drone for Gopro.

Fredrik took som great pics and made a short film from the drone.
Photo by Fredrik Broman

Photo by Fredrik Broman

I´ll post the film when it´s up on youtube.

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