Monster cross morning.

To day had to leave the kids early at day care since they were going of to a children theater festival at Norrbottensteatern. This gave me an extra hour. Of course i decided to go for a ride. Could not decide what bike to ride. I haven´t really greased up the roadie for the summer yet and the forest is still covered in snow. So the ride of the day was the monster cross. My Singular Peregrine is the bike that i ride the most. It´s my every day commuter. I´ve been riding it all winter. But it´s at wide trails and gravel roads really delivers. I´m so in love with this bike. It´s not the lightest in my stable with its steel frame and 2.0″ Conti race kings on 29 inch hoops, but it still quick, really fun and smooth to ride. Also very beautiful.

The trail i checked out to day is my short, just for fun trail. It runs along the river of Luleå just as it hits Bottenviken.
bild (25)

On the way it passes some strange locations. This is the old train stables where the Nazis passed on their way through “neutral” Sweden on their way to Norway and Soviet. Prisoners and goods were transported by train, scary shit. 😦
IMG_0204 (1024x768)

I get to cross the river twice. The first is an old one called bridge of Gäddvik. The E4 has a double lane bridge just beside it. But it´s not for cycling. This one on the other hand is quite transportable by bike and very beautiful.

IMG_0216 (900x675)

At last i cross the bridge in to town and get to have second breakfast at the hotel where my beautiful girlfriend works. Black coffee and some sandwiches makes the morning complete.
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The trip is about 20 km and i rode it in 50 minutes. Can´t have a better morning before a day of work at the shop. It also feels great that summer season is here. This was the first proper ride for the season.

Last day of winter.

Magnus called me this morning and asked if i wanted to join him for som ice cream downhill in the small local ski slope. I was planing to take the first day on the road bike. But that was an offer i could not refuse. 🙂

Heavy rain and warm nights has made the spring a fact and summer is just around the corner. The slope has closed for the season but it´s still covered i ice cream-like soft snow.
We took a few trips through the snowy forest trails but the ski slope was the most fun.


Pretty close to do a couple of O.T.B´s as the snow was really soft. Still it was like surfing with the weight over the rear wheel. We laughed ourselves through five or six runs.
Awesome morning. Next time the forest trails will be released from their icy prison and ready to ride.

Hopefully i´ll get to ride my road bike later this week. I sure have a longing for miles on dry asphalt.
Cheers bike lovers!

Circle of bike.

I´ve been running this blog for a couple of months now. I must say i´m amazed with the response. I´m a frequent user of social media and the internet but the blog community is new to me. Since i choose to write this blog in english to reach out to the bike lovers all around the globe. I have come to realize that the language of cycling is the same no matter where you come from.
Even if its MTB Tokyogirl who is longing for her new ride or Tim from Wales deciding to go spd or flats. We share the same feelings for cycling. It is the simple things in life that unite us as humans. In our case, the love for such a simple thing as riding a bicyle.
With all the horrible things that happens around the world, Boston as the last example. I some way we need to focus on what unite us despite our indifferences. The little things with big emotions is the same no matter what. Wa are all human beings no matter of our race religion or heritage. We share the same passions. Peel our skin of and we all look the same.
to do list

Outside a heavy spring rain is coming down. Its foggy wet and quite cold. I´ll guess thats why i get all philosophic. I´m longing for summer and i know the rain helps the summer on its way but it kind of feels like autumn. It´s been along winter but i´ve still been riding a lot. Cant wait for sunny days like this one tough.
This is from a hot summer day in Piteå with my buddy Micke couple of years ago when i had my On-One 456 summer season. An orange hard tail with room for big tires and long fork. I sure miss that bike. You know the feeling. 😉

Finally spring!

It´s been close for a couple of weeks now. But the cold nights kept the winter a bit longer than usual. Finally the nights also have been a bit warmer and that results in dry roads.
Still to much gravel for road racing but to day the kids had their first ride for the season. =)

bild-10 kopia

I can still remember when i was a kid and we got to bring out the bikes. Grease up the chain, check the gears, rise the saddle a few centimeters after a long winter. Best day of the year.
My little girl turned six years old this march and been longing for this day a couple of weeks now. Soon we´ll be riding the local forest trail together. It´s gonna be an awesome summer!


Sunday, fun day.

We got an invitation from our friends in Piteå to ride at Råberget. Our neighbor town a few miles south. The conditions for some great winter trail riding is great. The nights are cold and the sun warm up the days. Magnus, Sven and i met up early, 8.00 am. We packed the car and went about. We wanted to ride when the trails still were hard. It turned out to be at totally awesome trip. We had some climbs and some amazing descents . It´s really rare to have such good conditions.

I brought the GoPro and shot a little film. Need to fix the chest mount tough. Got to tilt it up a bit.
We met some cool dudes on the mountain. Like the the king of the hill Kurt. It was the first time he had encountered cyclist during winter season.
Later in the day we met another Kurt. This one is a hard core cyclist in his early sixties. He just bought his first Fat Bike. And it was fun to finally meet him irl. We have had some contact via internet. He is truly an inspiration and proof that it´s kick ass fun to ride no matter how old you are. Kurt also has a blog. Check it out!

Road love.

I´ve been a dedicated mountain biker since the early nineties. Even if i had a few years without a proper mtb i´ve always had my heart in the forests and mountains. When a new friend of mine, who moved here from the southern part of Sweden asked me why i hadn’t tried road cycling i merely sighs and say. Naah… dont like those lycra pants and silly helmet. And whats really the point of just ride along a boring road? Anyhow she persuade me and i borrowed a celecte colored Bianchi and we went for a ride. I mounted the Italian steed with baggy shorts, BMX helmet and a camelback. Not very respectful for the sport. 😉 This was a warm bright summer night, three years ago. And i was hooked.

The thing that attract me about road cycling is the opposite of mountain biking. When riding at fast gnarly single track you need to stay focused. Your heart is pounding and your breath is fast and vast. It´s the best thing you can do to clear your mind. All you can and must think about is the next turn or jump. On the road my mind starts to wander. It´s all about miles and pace. After the first three miles i almost get in some kind of trance. Road racing is my meditation or yoga. Of course you can ride until you puke on a road bike. Start chasing hills and do intervals. Since i hate to compete and don´t have any intentions to race i´ll be riding my titanium steed for mindfulness the whole summer.

Since i´ve been riding the whole winter, mainly on the monster cross and the mtb the urge for road racing is growing this time of year. The roads will dry up faster than the forest trails and the years first proper ride will be on asphalt. It´s just a matter of days. I always come back to this video from Singular cycles that i think capture the essence and feeling of road racing.

I´ll always be a mountain biker at heart but thanks to Petra there is also room for some hot asphalt and road meditation. Thanks for that dear celecte loving friend.

Easter in Lassbyn.

We had the fortune to spend a few days of Easter with our awesome friends Anna & Fredrik in Lassbyn. They live on a beautiful spot along the Råneå river. We packed the car with kids and gear for overnight stay. Since my fat bike project moves pretty slowly. I brought my Specialized, just in case. The snow mobile tracks are perfect to ride on if the night temperature is low.
We started the weekend with barbecue lunch at Fredriks Aurora Safari Camp. Where some more friends joined us. We had a beautiful day on the camp and later in the evening a great dinner, chaotic and lovely with lots of kids, new and old friends.

It turned out the night was pretty cold so conditions for some riding were perfect. Couldn’t refuse to try my Specialized on the kids sled slope.
easter bunny jump
Photo: Fredrik Broman

We spent the rest of the day just chillin´ at the house.

Lots of love to our friends. Your hospitality is limitless. ❤