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Road love.

I´ve been a dedicated mountain biker since the early nineties. Even if i had a few years without a proper mtb i´ve always had my heart in the forests and mountains. When a new friend of mine, who moved here from the southern part of Sweden asked me why i hadn’t tried road cycling i merely sighs and say. Naah… dont like those lycra pants and silly helmet. And whats really the point of just ride along a boring road? Anyhow she persuade me and i borrowed a celecte colored Bianchi and we went for a ride. I mounted the Italian steed with baggy shorts, BMX helmet and a camelback. Not very respectful for the sport. 😉 This was a warm bright summer night, three years ago. And i was hooked.

The thing that attract me about road cycling is the opposite of mountain biking. When riding at fast gnarly single track you need to stay focused. Your heart is pounding and your breath is fast and vast. It´s the best thing you can do to clear your mind. All you can and must think about is the next turn or jump. On the road my mind starts to wander. It´s all about miles and pace. After the first three miles i almost get in some kind of trance. Road racing is my meditation or yoga. Of course you can ride until you puke on a road bike. Start chasing hills and do intervals. Since i hate to compete and don´t have any intentions to race i´ll be riding my titanium steed for mindfulness the whole summer.

Since i´ve been riding the whole winter, mainly on the monster cross and the mtb the urge for road racing is growing this time of year. The roads will dry up faster than the forest trails and the years first proper ride will be on asphalt. It´s just a matter of days. I always come back to this video from Singular cycles that i think capture the essence and feeling of road racing.

I´ll always be a mountain biker at heart but thanks to Petra there is also room for some hot asphalt and road meditation. Thanks for that dear celecte loving friend.

3 thoughts on “Road love.”

  1. I did my first road ride on a borrowed cyclocross bike, got a real road rig, and never looked back! ps – love the celeste green on that Bianchi!

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