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Sunday, fun day.

We got an invitation from our friends in Piteå to ride at Råberget. Our neighbor town a few miles south. The conditions for some great winter trail riding is great. The nights are cold and the sun warm up the days. Magnus, Sven and i met up early, 8.00 am. We packed the car and went about. We wanted to ride when the trails still were hard. It turned out to be at totally awesome trip. We had some climbs and some amazing descents . It´s really rare to have such good conditions.

I brought the GoPro and shot a little film. Need to fix the chest mount tough. Got to tilt it up a bit.
We met some cool dudes on the mountain. Like the the king of the hill Kurt. It was the first time he had encountered cyclist during winter season.
Later in the day we met another Kurt. This one is a hard core cyclist in his early sixties. He just bought his first Fat Bike. And it was fun to finally meet him irl. We have had some contact via internet. He is truly an inspiration and proof that it´s kick ass fun to ride no matter how old you are. Kurt also has a blog. Check it out!

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