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Circle of bike.

I´ve been running this blog for a couple of months now. I must say i´m amazed with the response. I´m a frequent user of social media and the internet but the blog community is new to me. Since i choose to write this blog in english to reach out to the bike lovers all around the globe. I have come to realize that the language of cycling is the same no matter where you come from.
Even if its MTB Tokyogirl who is longing for her new ride or Tim from Wales deciding to go spd or flats. We share the same feelings for cycling. It is the simple things in life that unite us as humans. In our case, the love for such a simple thing as riding a bicyle.
With all the horrible things that happens around the world, Boston as the last example. I some way we need to focus on what unite us despite our indifferences. The little things with big emotions is the same no matter what. Wa are all human beings no matter of our race religion or heritage. We share the same passions. Peel our skin of and we all look the same.
to do list

Outside a heavy spring rain is coming down. Its foggy wet and quite cold. I´ll guess thats why i get all philosophic. I´m longing for summer and i know the rain helps the summer on its way but it kind of feels like autumn. It´s been along winter but i´ve still been riding a lot. Cant wait for sunny days like this one tough.
This is from a hot summer day in Piteå with my buddy Micke couple of years ago when i had my On-One 456 summer season. An orange hard tail with room for big tires and long fork. I sure miss that bike. You know the feeling. 😉

2 thoughts on “Circle of bike.”

  1. Your welcome. I really like your blog.

    The to do list is not mine. It´s been circling around facebook. 😉 But i thinke its´s make a lot of sence.

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