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Last day of winter.

Magnus called me this morning and asked if i wanted to join him for som ice cream downhill in the small local ski slope. I was planing to take the first day on the road bike. But that was an offer i could not refuse. 🙂

Heavy rain and warm nights has made the spring a fact and summer is just around the corner. The slope has closed for the season but it´s still covered i ice cream-like soft snow.
We took a few trips through the snowy forest trails but the ski slope was the most fun.


Pretty close to do a couple of O.T.B´s as the snow was really soft. Still it was like surfing with the weight over the rear wheel. We laughed ourselves through five or six runs.
Awesome morning. Next time the forest trails will be released from their icy prison and ready to ride.

Hopefully i´ll get to ride my road bike later this week. I sure have a longing for miles on dry asphalt.
Cheers bike lovers!

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