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Monster cross morning.

To day had to leave the kids early at day care since they were going of to a children theater festival at Norrbottensteatern. This gave me an extra hour. Of course i decided to go for a ride. Could not decide what bike to ride. I haven´t really greased up the roadie for the summer yet and the forest is still covered in snow. So the ride of the day was the monster cross. My Singular Peregrine is the bike that i ride the most. It´s my every day commuter. I´ve been riding it all winter. But it´s at wide trails and gravel roads really delivers. I´m so in love with this bike. It´s not the lightest in my stable with its steel frame and 2.0″ Conti race kings on 29 inch hoops, but it still quick, really fun and smooth to ride. Also very beautiful.

The trail i checked out to day is my short, just for fun trail. It runs along the river of Luleå just as it hits Bottenviken.
bild (25)

On the way it passes some strange locations. This is the old train stables where the Nazis passed on their way through “neutral” Sweden on their way to Norway and Soviet. Prisoners and goods were transported by train, scary shit. 😦
IMG_0204 (1024x768)

I get to cross the river twice. The first is an old one called bridge of Gäddvik. The E4 has a double lane bridge just beside it. But it´s not for cycling. This one on the other hand is quite transportable by bike and very beautiful.

IMG_0216 (900x675)

At last i cross the bridge in to town and get to have second breakfast at the hotel where my beautiful girlfriend works. Black coffee and some sandwiches makes the morning complete.
bild (26)

The trip is about 20 km and i rode it in 50 minutes. Can´t have a better morning before a day of work at the shop. It also feels great that summer season is here. This was the first proper ride for the season.

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