Double tap Wednesday.

The weather is still crazy in Swedish Lapland. Ok i know i´ve been ranting about it but seriously. 29° C in May!? I cant remember the last time that happend. I had the morning off today and took a pretty long morning ride. Just an amazing day for cycling. I went up stream on the north side of the River of Luleå. Took the line ferry at Avan and went home down stream on the south side. A classic tour here i Luleå.
bild-10 kopia
The old ferry runs on steel wires. During winter an ice road replace it.

And look! There on the other side. My old house. =)
bild-11 kopia

My plan was to hold an average speed around 32-35 km/h. I kept it the first thirty kilometers. But after crossing the river i had an annoying head wind and dropped down to 29 km/h in average speed. Still it was an amazing day for riding and the south side of the river bank is very beautiful. 52.82 km, avg 29.4 km/h Check the route here. bild-10

I barley made it to work. And later in the afternoon Magnus asked me if i wanted to join him for some riding and digging in the bike park/Down hill trail we´re building. Could not think of a better way to end the day. Even if i was a bit sour in my legs. I stressed home from work and jumped in to my MTB gear, made a few sandwiches. 10 minuets later Magnus picked me up and off we went. We checked the lines and did some digging in some of the berms.
The trail is far from ready but we took some turns anyway.
It´s been a great day. Road racing morning and free riding mtb in the evening. What more can one ask for? Oh, did i mention that i have the best girlfriend in the world. Luv u hunny bunny for letting me go play with the boys once in a while. ❤

Single speed project.

Summer is here for sure and the fat bike project is resting. We truly have some amazing weather the last week. This pic is from 21.30 tonight. Midnight sun is on its way and the temperatur is around 20 degrees Celsius.

The last week we had some old friends staying with us. The blog updates has been suffering for barbecue nights, catching up and just full house. Any how, i’ve had an old mtb lying around for a couple of years. Finally i have taken it apart.

It’s a steel frame from the mid ’90s. I’ve allways liked the GT frame design.

The plan is to build a single speed bike that is expandable. I bike that i can take to the pub without worrying about if its gonna get stolen. Still, i will make it a classy ride. I’ve just finnished geting it ready for new paint and i’ve orderd some oldschool stickers from ebay.

I think i’ll go for black and white. But that might change. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

B-day and skate park picnic.

So, i turned 42(!?) yesterday. Could not think of a better way to celebrate than hang with the family in the local skate park.

We packed some food, the kids kickbikes and went about. Sunday mornings in the skate park are pretty soft. Mostly familys and kids. We hooked up with some friends and had an awesome day.

(The panorama function on the Iphone is pretty cool)

Since we had our bikes with us me and Emmy, my six year old, could not refuse to try them out in the park. She had some trail practice in the stairs. No probs for the little daredevil.

And i just had to fool around in the pool. Perhaps i’ll get me a BMX when i turn 43 🙂

I’m also happy that Zak my 2.5 year old cracked the code on the kick bike. He sure is a stubborn one. For two huors he battled with one size to big kick bike. And after a while he got it right.

Now i’m one year older. But i must say it only gets better. You just got to relax and not take life so seriously. After all no one makes it in the end anyway…


Morning rush.

On the lunch ride yesterday me and Lars made plans for a longer tour today. Since i’m working it had to be a morning ride. It turned out we could not have made better plans. The weather is still better then on the Riviera (I know for a fact, some of my frinds are down in Nice right now, it rains) Lars dropped by my place around 08:30 and we went about on our 40 km morning ride.

We took a break in Gammelstad to have some water. This was also my first ride with my new shoes. I got them from my sweatheart for christmas. Italian made Vittoria 1976. Very stylish and super confy.

When we came closer to town it turned out our favorite summer cafe and cake stop had opend for the season. We dropped by for a classic swedish “fika”. We were this summers first custumers. 🙂 After all, what is cycling without cake stops? 😉

About 10:30 i was home again and just had time to take a shower before i had to get to shop. This was Lars first longer ride. He pulled it of just great. 43 km and about 26 km/h in average speed without clipless pedals and nike sneekers. I’ll guess proper shoes and pedals is quite high on his list now. The bike bug bites hard.


Lunch in a world of contrast.

All of a sudden Summer is here. +20 c and a warm breeze. It feels kind of wierd with brown lawns and naked trees after a long winter. Since i’m working late to day i rode the Pitch to work. Figured i’d do some maintance in the afternoon.
Just before lunch Lars texted me and asked if should go for a lunch ride.

But of course Lars! 🙂


We dropped by the local deli Hemma Gastronomi for some sandwiches and tapas to go. Then we took a ride along the river. Hard to think we rode on the ice road out there just two months ago.

Lars Kaffenback that we built this winter runs like a dream.

We were out for about one hour and the computer said about 13 km. We even had some time to grab a coffee when we got back in to town again.

I’ll bet this will be a Friday tradition. Next time i’ll be riding the Monster cross tough. The 150 mm all mountain machine is not the ideal bike for lunch rides.

Two of a kind.

It´s truly an awesome feeling when your kids turn out to like the same things as you. Ok, i know it might change over the years. But right now my 6 year old daughter loves to go ride with me on the small hill just next to where we live.
bild (29) (800x800)
Last Sunday i went with some friends to check out some of the dh-trails at a local spot. When we rode away she called and followed us a bit. “But daddy, i want to come to”! I had to promise that we would go ride when i got back.
We had a great few hours at the dh-trails and it was quite dry and gnarly. Only a little bit of snow left. I brought the GoPro and shot som clips. The plan was to write on the blog about that. But it was the short ride with my daughter in the afternoon that moved me. The “just for fun ride”. No pressure, time to stop and check the if the ants in the forest has awaken after the long winter. Its a gift to get to hang out with your kids as buddys. In the otherwise dull day to day routine. To escape a week of upbringing, conflicts, work, daycare, bedtime routines and so on with some MTB-ripping. That´s the tie that binds.

We´re the same kind, me and her.
bild 2 (1)
bild 1 (1)
bild 3