2013 Road premiere.

Finally i got to take the roadie for a spin. It´s been a few rainy days and we actually had some snow just two days ago. But it went away quite fast. Woke up this morning to a bright spring sun. The thermometer showed 12° c in the shadow so it was shorts weather. 😉
Since it´s was the first road cycling for this summer i took my basic short route. It runs for about 42 kilometers through some beautiful places around Luleå.
Unfortunately my gps malfunctioned so there is now map of the route to show. But i´ll be riding again thats for sure, so i´ll post a map of the route later.
One of the places i go through is Church town or “Gammelstads Kyrkby” It´s on UNESCO´s list of word heritage. Pretty awesome place.

Feels great to be back on the roadie. I´ve been riding mtb since early nineties. But it´s just my third summer on the road bike. Got to say i love it.

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