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Two of a kind.

It´s truly an awesome feeling when your kids turn out to like the same things as you. Ok, i know it might change over the years. But right now my 6 year old daughter loves to go ride with me on the small hill just next to where we live.
bild (29) (800x800)
Last Sunday i went with some friends to check out some of the dh-trails at a local spot. When we rode away she called and followed us a bit. “But daddy, i want to come to”! I had to promise that we would go ride when i got back.
We had a great few hours at the dh-trails and it was quite dry and gnarly. Only a little bit of snow left. I brought the GoPro and shot som clips. The plan was to write on the blog about that. But it was the short ride with my daughter in the afternoon that moved me. The “just for fun ride”. No pressure, time to stop and check the if the ants in the forest has awaken after the long winter. Its a gift to get to hang out with your kids as buddys. In the otherwise dull day to day routine. To escape a week of upbringing, conflicts, work, daycare, bedtime routines and so on with some MTB-ripping. That´s the tie that binds.

We´re the same kind, me and her.
bild 2 (1)
bild 1 (1)
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