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Lunch in a world of contrast.

All of a sudden Summer is here. +20 c and a warm breeze. It feels kind of wierd with brown lawns and naked trees after a long winter. Since i’m working late to day i rode the Pitch to work. Figured i’d do some maintance in the afternoon.
Just before lunch Lars texted me and asked if should go for a lunch ride.

But of course Lars! šŸ™‚


We dropped by the local deli Hemma Gastronomi for some sandwiches and tapas to go. Then we took a ride along the river. Hard to think we rode on the ice road out there just two months ago.

Lars Kaffenback that we built this winter runs like a dream.

We were out for about one hour and the computer said about 13 km. We even had some time to grab a coffee when we got back in to town again.

I’ll bet this will be a Friday tradition. Next time i’ll be riding the Monster cross tough. The 150 mm all mountain machine is not the ideal bike for lunch rides.

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