Road, Trails

Morning rush.

On the lunch ride yesterday me and Lars made plans for a longer tour today. Since i’m working it had to be a morning ride. It turned out we could not have made better plans. The weather is still better then on the Riviera (I know for a fact, some of my frinds are down in Nice right now, it rains) Lars dropped by my place around 08:30 and we went about on our 40 km morning ride.

We took a break in Gammelstad to have some water. This was also my first ride with my new shoes. I got them from my sweatheart for christmas. Italian made Vittoria 1976. Very stylish and super confy.

When we came closer to town it turned out our favorite summer cafe and cake stop had opend for the season. We dropped by for a classic swedish “fika”. We were this summers first custumers. 🙂 After all, what is cycling without cake stops? 😉

About 10:30 i was home again and just had time to take a shower before i had to get to shop. This was Lars first longer ride. He pulled it of just great. 43 km and about 26 km/h in average speed without clipless pedals and nike sneekers. I’ll guess proper shoes and pedals is quite high on his list now. The bike bug bites hard.


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