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B-day and skate park picnic.

So, i turned 42(!?) yesterday. Could not think of a better way to celebrate than hang with the family in the local skate park.

We packed some food, the kids kickbikes and went about. Sunday mornings in the skate park are pretty soft. Mostly familys and kids. We hooked up with some friends and had an awesome day.

(The panorama function on the Iphone is pretty cool)

Since we had our bikes with us me and Emmy, my six year old, could not refuse to try them out in the park. She had some trail practice in the stairs. No probs for the little daredevil.

And i just had to fool around in the pool. Perhaps i’ll get me a BMX when i turn 43 šŸ™‚

I’m also happy that Zak my 2.5 year old cracked the code on the kick bike. He sure is a stubborn one. For two huors he battled with one size to big kick bike. And after a while he got it right.

Now i’m one year older. But i must say it only gets better. You just got to relax and not take life so seriously. After all no one makes it in the end anyway…


2 thoughts on “B-day and skate park picnic.”

  1. Happy BIrthday coolest 42!!!!!!! LOVE this post !!! Awwwwww looks like you had a fantastic birthday over there! Great!!! and yup the best way to celebrate your birthday indeed!!! happy birthday again!

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