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Single speed project.

Summer is here for sure and the fat bike project is resting. We truly have some amazing weather the last week. This pic is from 21.30 tonight. Midnight sun is on its way and the temperatur is around 20 degrees Celsius.

The last week we had some old friends staying with us. The blog updates has been suffering for barbecue nights, catching up and just full house. Any how, i’ve had an old mtb lying around for a couple of years. Finally i have taken it apart.

It’s a steel frame from the mid ’90s. I’ve allways liked the GT frame design.

The plan is to build a single speed bike that is expandable. I bike that i can take to the pub without worrying about if its gonna get stolen. Still, i will make it a classy ride. I’ve just finnished geting it ready for new paint and i’ve orderd some oldschool stickers from ebay.

I think i’ll go for black and white. But that might change. I’ll keep you updated. šŸ™‚

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