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Double tap Wednesday.

The weather is still crazy in Swedish Lapland. Ok i know i´ve been ranting about it but seriously. 29° C in May!? I cant remember the last time that happend. I had the morning off today and took a pretty long morning ride. Just an amazing day for cycling. I went up stream on the north side of the River of Luleå. Took the line ferry at Avan and went home down stream on the south side. A classic tour here i Luleå.
bild-10 kopia
The old ferry runs on steel wires. During winter an ice road replace it.

And look! There on the other side. My old house. =)
bild-11 kopia

My plan was to hold an average speed around 32-35 km/h. I kept it the first thirty kilometers. But after crossing the river i had an annoying head wind and dropped down to 29 km/h in average speed. Still it was an amazing day for riding and the south side of the river bank is very beautiful. 52.82 km, avg 29.4 km/h Check the route here. bild-10

I barley made it to work. And later in the afternoon Magnus asked me if i wanted to join him for some riding and digging in the bike park/Down hill trail we´re building. Could not think of a better way to end the day. Even if i was a bit sour in my legs. I stressed home from work and jumped in to my MTB gear, made a few sandwiches. 10 minuets later Magnus picked me up and off we went. We checked the lines and did some digging in some of the berms.
The trail is far from ready but we took some turns anyway.
It´s been a great day. Road racing morning and free riding mtb in the evening. What more can one ask for? Oh, did i mention that i have the best girlfriend in the world. Luv u hunny bunny for letting me go play with the boys once in a while. ❤

4 thoughts on “Double tap Wednesday.”

    1. Yeah, it sure was. Wish everyday was like that. Riding in the morning, a few hours of work and some riding in the evening. 🙂

  1. Enjoy it. We are having the worst spring ever, coldest is 50 years or something. I got soaked last night as the weather changed very quickly when I was unprepared…. Good weather for the weekend by the looks of it though.

    Love that last pic in your post by the way…

    1. Ouch! That sucks. =( Strange world. Warmest may in 50 years up here.

      Thanks. Its´s a lucky shot with the gopro on a stick.

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