Queer weekend and Duck tales.

This weekend was daddy weekend. My lovely Jessica went to Stockholm for an old friends wedding. So it was just me and the lil’ devils for a few days.

Saturday was queer day as we spent all day at the Pride festival.
It’s the second year for Luleås own Pride festival. I think it’s important to show the kids that it’s ok to be yourself and be proud of who you are no matter of sexuality, religion or color. Some friends made a flag with the message “Luleå is for everyone”. And we marshed in the parade sending our message of equality.

Sunday was bike day.
I loaded the small one in the back seat, the older on her own bike and took of for the little duck pond.
We tooka a quick stop at a play ground on the way.
Of course we brought some bread for the birds.
I must say that The GoPro sure is cool to use as the family camera. =)

The pond is just next to a retirement and a lot of older people come to sit down a few minutes at feed the ducks.

This i a random shot of my 3-year old son and an elderly woman. I just love the contrasts of life in the picture.

Single speed project, update.

My single speed project is going pretty slow. The old steel GT has been ready for paiting a couple of weeks.


Today i finally did it.

I also bought some cool stickers on ebay. The result is better than i could imagine.

Now i’m just waiting for a single speed kit and chain tensioner from awesome Superstar components I’ll bet it’s gonna be great. Oh also wating for a pair of Shwalbe Kojaks 2.0. I’m going for the stealth look.

New gear.

I finally took time to unpack and update my new Gopro HD Hero 3. I’ve had it for a couple of months but since my old one works just fine i just didn’t manage.

Awesomeness #1
I now have two cameras. That means more angels from the same ride to play with when editing.

Awesomeness #2
Wifi, remote control and display via The Iphone app.


Can’t wait to try it and make some more geeky amateur clips.

Truely an amazing little machine.