Beach life in Swedish Lapland.

It´s been a crazy hot week in Luleå. Well deserved since July has been very cold for the time of the year. Jess and the kids has been bathing every day. I have been stuck at work but for the weekend i finally got to tag along.

The Gopro HD hero may be a cool trendy action sports accessory. I use it a lot to make my silly movies. But i must admit that it is an awesome camera for family fun.

We went out to the southern entrance to the bay of Luleå. It´s an amazing beach if the wind is right. It has shallow water and perfect conditions for kids.

I spent a lot of time here as a kid. It´s pretty close from where i grew up. We used to ride our bikes here for evening swims and skim bording. Feels really great to pass it on to my kids.

The best thing with the GoPro is that i´m not able to see the pics a i shoot them. I is like in the old days. When you had to wait for developing the film before you could see the result. I just put it on time laps and play around. A few shots are planed. Like this one. It came out pretty awesome.

This might be the first non-cycling related post on this blog. I must admit i´ve been scouting fat bike trails during our beach adventures. Getting the Mukluk ready is what occupies my mind mostly for the moment.
Hopefully there will be a ride report from this place before summer is over.

Yoga ride.

Had a few hard working weeks with long days. I have not been out on the Mistral in four weeks. The other day i finally went for a well deserved ride.

I hooked up with Lars and we got a sweet 70 km ride in the beatuiful evening sun of Swedish Lapland.

The old mill in Ale was open. We dropped by for coffee and some Ryan Adams covers.



A good evning became perfect with after bike barbeque and a few beers at Lars penthouse apartment.

Since July been quite cold a warm summer night with cycling and friends sure was welcome.


Year of the FAT.

There is no question about it. Fat bikes are here to stay. Going from underground, small companies to the big brands they are becoming the next big bicycle trend.
Fat bikes has been around since about 1999. The first one was created by Mark Gronewald and its origin is rooted in Alaska.

But it was Surly that took fat tires to the masses with the first mass produced fat bike Pugsly.

In 2004 the seed of 9:zero:7 was planted and the first aluminium fat bike was to come from the small Alaskan bike company. They wanted to take the Fat bike to a new level. And they sure did. 9:zero:7 is one sexy frame set.

Since then a few companies like the ones mentioned above together with Salsa cycles and Sandman from Belgium has dominated the market.
But last year something happend. In forums and in bike circles there were more and more buzz about the wierd looking big wheelers. Rumors that the big manufacturers was going fat started to circulate. On-one, the British on-line bike shack announced their fatty at a very reasonable prize. 


The Fatty is now their best selling bike so far this year and now they have outed the Baby Fatty. 24 in wheels on a 12 in frame. Truly the choice for next generation.

.baby fatty

The last few weeks a many of the big manufacturers has announced fat bikes to their range of 2014. Two of “The big three” has announced fat bikes for their 2014 rang. Specialized is taking back their Fat Boy. This time for real with 4.8 tires. Looks pretty radical.
Of course the second of the big three Trek wasn´t slow on the trigger and previewed their Farley.

We´ll just have to wait and see if Giant (the third of the big three) and Scott will join the fat party.
Kona has also revealed a Fat bike for next season. It does not look so good if you ask me. Compared to Trek and Spesh it feels old and over prized with tektro components and no-name wheels. Looks like a heavy cruiser…

But the most impressive launch must be Canadian based Norco that announced their Bigfoot like this!

Meanwhile fat bikes are going mainstream the classic manufactures is evolving. 9:zero:7 has come out with a new standard rear hub spacing. 190 mm instead of 170 mm that has become the standard. Salsa,On-one and 9:zero:7 are also working on a carbon fiber frames.
Read about Salsas Beargrease carbon here.

Some people don´t like that fat bikes are going mainstream with every brand presenting a fat wheelers. They feel they are not special and unique for riding a fat bike. That´s just bulls**t i think its great. This means more part at better prizes. Since the standards are a bit odd. The bottom bracket for example is 100 mm. It used to be pretty hard to find. But now Sram is making both X5 and X9 crank sets for fat bikes.

2014 will be the year of the Fat. I have a feeling that winter will be the main cycling season. Witch is awesome for a bike nerd like me living i Swedish Lapland. Still we have winter most part of the year.

For the latest fat bike news check out

45 minute investment.

About one or two years ago a remember seeing this totally awesome trailer for a mtb-film. I did not remember the name of it but i do remember i was stunned.

A few days ago a fellow rider posted this video i a FB-group for our bikepark team for inspiration.
(I´ll get back to the park project in a future post.)
And what do you know? It´s the same film but complete. I don´t know if the producers have granted the youtube publication of it. Still i feel forced to share it. It is just so amazing! Plz. download it in itunes or buy on DVD. I sure will. This is a keeper and these guys need your support. So we get to watch more epic riding.

Trough the years we have seen many amazing actions-sport films. The concept is fairly the same. Some cool dudes travel the world and hit some epic riding. Regardless if they are Mountain biking, snow boarding, surfing, skateing or skiing. Lots of slowmo´s and beautiful scenery.

In Life Cycles focus is on the bicycle. The love for the bicycle, the love for riding it.
You don´t have to be a hardcore freerider or dirtjumper to enjoy this. Invest 45 minutes of your time and watch!

The annual Bike Fest 2013.

Yesterday it was finally time for one of the summer highlights. The annual bike fest.
It´s a pretty easy concept. Gather a few friends. Bring your bike and ride together to the local waterholes on the outskirts of town. Have a beer at each establishment and try to make it in to town.
The first year it was held there were six participants. This year we were 35.DCIM100GOPRO

July has not showing her best sides this summer. But this night she showed her true self with sunshine and a soft breeze. After the gathering by the little creek next to the mini-golf course we headed out for our first stop.

And here it is: TEO´S. Classy isn´t it?

The guy in the bar was pretty happy tough when 35 thirsty cyclist filled the place of people and emptying his beer fridge.
We continued along our route and the night became clearer as we peddled on…
Next stop.

Lars with his Kaffenback is one of the organizers.

The 2013 Bike Fest was a success and we´ll return next year.

Me and Jess went home around 01.00 in the morning and the sun was still up. Last days of the midnight sun is upon us.


Fat bike update II.

A while ago i got the wheels for the Fat bike project. The plan was to have buy custum built wheel set. Surly holyroller rims on Hope fatsno hubs. Great wheels but veeery expensive and hard to get. But, On-one just released their fatty wheel set for less then half the price.

I’ve had some On-one stuff over the years and they deliver great stuff at very competetive prices. I used to ride a 456 summer season. I miss that bike a lot!The rims are not drilled. So they’re probably a bit heavy. Since there is a few months left to winter i’m considering drilling the rims by my self. It’s been done before…

Doesn´t look that hard, or?

Road trip, Råneå Älvdal.

Since we’re both off work a couple of weeks. Me and Jess decided to take the kids on a trip to our dear friends in Överstbyn. Up river in Råne älvdal. Sara and Andreas has the most lovely classic swedish cabin, red with white corners.

We packed for spending the night and we actually ended up staying two nights. I brought the Pitch in case there would be time for some riding. After heavy rain the second day me and Andreas loaded up the bikes and went to explore some single track. We went to a spot that looked good on the map.


We found an amazing trail. But due to heavy rain and warm weather. There was a few mosquitos…


Well… Not just a few…

More like…

A shit load…

…of the bloodsucking…

…little bastards!

Anyway we will return to check this trail later. When mosquito season is over.


Thanks again to our dear friends for a nice couple of days. ❤