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Road trip, Råneå Älvdal.

Since we’re both off work a couple of weeks. Me and Jess decided to take the kids on a trip to our dear friends in Överstbyn. Up river in Råne älvdal. Sara and Andreas has the most lovely classic swedish cabin, red with white corners.

We packed for spending the night and we actually ended up staying two nights. I brought the Pitch in case there would be time for some riding. After heavy rain the second day me and Andreas loaded up the bikes and went to explore some single track. We went to a spot that looked good on the map.


We found an amazing trail. But due to heavy rain and warm weather. There was a few mosquitos…


Well… Not just a few…

More like…

A shit load…

…of the bloodsucking…

…little bastards!

Anyway we will return to check this trail later. When mosquito season is over.


Thanks again to our dear friends for a nice couple of days. ❤

1 thought on “Road trip, Råneå Älvdal.”

  1. I completely understand the idea of waiting out mosquito season, my wife and I just decided to go ride on one of my favourite trails and there were so many of the little bastards that it actually made me throw up a little. I think we both might be slightly anemic now. Needless to say, we went where we just shouldn’t go during mosquito season. It sounds as if we have similar problems in that regard.

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