Random fun

The annual Bike Fest 2013.

Yesterday it was finally time for one of the summer highlights. The annual bike fest.
It´s a pretty easy concept. Gather a few friends. Bring your bike and ride together to the local waterholes on the outskirts of town. Have a beer at each establishment and try to make it in to town.
The first year it was held there were six participants. This year we were 35.DCIM100GOPRO

July has not showing her best sides this summer. But this night she showed her true self with sunshine and a soft breeze. After the gathering by the little creek next to the mini-golf course we headed out for our first stop.

And here it is: TEO´S. Classy isn´t it?

The guy in the bar was pretty happy tough when 35 thirsty cyclist filled the place of people and emptying his beer fridge.
We continued along our route and the night became clearer as we peddled on…
Next stop.

Lars with his Kaffenback is one of the organizers.

The 2013 Bike Fest was a success and we´ll return next year.

Me and Jess went home around 01.00 in the morning and the sun was still up. Last days of the midnight sun is upon us.


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