45 minute investment.

About one or two years ago a remember seeing this totally awesome trailer for a mtb-film. I did not remember the name of it but i do remember i was stunned.

A few days ago a fellow rider posted this video i a FB-group for our bikepark team for inspiration.
(I´ll get back to the park project in a future post.)
And what do you know? It´s the same film but complete. I don´t know if the producers have granted the youtube publication of it. Still i feel forced to share it. It is just so amazing! Plz. download it in itunes or buy on DVD. I sure will. This is a keeper and these guys need your support. So we get to watch more epic riding.

Trough the years we have seen many amazing actions-sport films. The concept is fairly the same. Some cool dudes travel the world and hit some epic riding. Regardless if they are Mountain biking, snow boarding, surfing, skateing or skiing. Lots of slowmo´s and beautiful scenery.

In Life Cycles focus is on the bicycle. The love for the bicycle, the love for riding it.
You don´t have to be a hardcore freerider or dirtjumper to enjoy this. Invest 45 minutes of your time and watch!

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