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Beach life in Swedish Lapland.

It´s been a crazy hot week in Luleå. Well deserved since July has been very cold for the time of the year. Jess and the kids has been bathing every day. I have been stuck at work but for the weekend i finally got to tag along.

The Gopro HD hero may be a cool trendy action sports accessory. I use it a lot to make my silly movies. But i must admit that it is an awesome camera for family fun.

We went out to the southern entrance to the bay of Luleå. It´s an amazing beach if the wind is right. It has shallow water and perfect conditions for kids.

I spent a lot of time here as a kid. It´s pretty close from where i grew up. We used to ride our bikes here for evening swims and skim bording. Feels really great to pass it on to my kids.

The best thing with the GoPro is that i´m not able to see the pics a i shoot them. I is like in the old days. When you had to wait for developing the film before you could see the result. I just put it on time laps and play around. A few shots are planed. Like this one. It came out pretty awesome.

This might be the first non-cycling related post on this blog. I must admit i´ve been scouting fat bike trails during our beach adventures. Getting the Mukluk ready is what occupies my mind mostly for the moment.
Hopefully there will be a ride report from this place before summer is over.

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