Fat Bike Fun!

I had the fat bike for a week now. I just gotta say. It´s the most fun bike i ever owned. It sure is a eye catcher. If you want to be discrete fat bikes are not for you. 😉 Almost every one asks: What do you use it for? Isn´t it heavy to ride …

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Cover boy.

Well not actually cover boy. But i send in a pic of the Mukluk to Fat-bike.com for their weekly wallpaper Wednesday. And wadda ya´know. I made it through. Check it here! Also check the site. It´s awesome if you´re in to bicycles with fat tires. And thanks to the guys at Fat-bike. It´s an honor! …

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All work and no play. (and some inspiration)

Last weekend was spent in our beautiful capitol Stockholm. A 1000 kilometer trip south. I go down about two times a year to by stuff to my boutiqe. In august we buy the spring 2014 collection. These are intense days with all work and no play. This time i did manage to squeeze in a …

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The Escape

Rebloging a post from Tim From Wales. Could not agree more to his words and, WATCH THE FILM!


When I started this post I thought it was going to be a lazy one. Oh I know I’ll just post a cool mountain bike video that someone else made and let people enjoy that.

After watching the video I realised how inspiring it was. Ok British Columbia is pretty big and synonymous with mountain biking, but still these guys had to ride from location to location carrying their kit with them. Great video and some stunning locations, if only we all had the time and the locations on our doorsteps for a road trip like this one.

Need to plan something like this some day…

Now the lazy bit, read the bit below and then grab a drink and settle back and watch the video.

Each town in British Columbia seems to offer better singletrack than the last one visited. To prove what’s out there Dave Roth and Seb…

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