Fat Bike Fun!

I had the fat bike for a week now. I just gotta say. It´s the most fun bike i ever owned. It sure is a eye catcher. If you want to be discrete fat bikes are not for you. 😉 Almost every one asks: What do you use it for? Isn´t it heavy to ride with those fat wheels? No, and hell no! I is super agile. I´d rather like to say: What can you NOT use it for?

Here´s a little film from my local trails a few days ago.

Last days summer.

We’re moving towards September and the days is getting colder. Some of the trees has started to turn yellow. The colors of autum is soon upon us. Regardless we got some summer heat this weekend. Luckely we had planed to take a exploration ride to the coast. Could not had asked for better weather.

We found our way to the shores. Sweet trails for me and Sven who run fattys. But the other guys had a quite a rough time. When we got there we threw our self in the gulf of bothnia. It might be warm outside but the water was already icecold.

Again, this is fat bike country!

On the way back i sold the fat bike concept to my friend Mikael. I lent him the white queen for a couple of kilometers. You can tell by his face he enjoyed it. 🙂

We took another trail back. Passing through some military grounds. The Air base is just around the corner. Sven checked the sign. “Warning! Tear gas training” Lucky for us it was folded.

It turned out to quite a ride. 35 kilometers, including five kilometer transport.

This was my second ride on the Mukluk. I must say it really is an amazing machine. People say: What do you use a fat bike for? I say: What do you NOT use it for!


Hail to the White Queen!

It´s finally ready. I´ve been working on the fat bike since January. The plan was to have it ready for winter but the urge to ride it at our sandy trails was to big.
I must say i was pretty curios how it would handle with those big floating tires. Would it be heavy and slow? Would it be to much for my local trails? Was it just a fix idea and when turned to reality a bike for special occasions…?
NO, no and hell NO! My first ride was 19 km on various trails. Ok, asphalt is not the best for a fat bike. But gravel roads, singletrack, trails, sand, roots and gnarly rocks. It just eats everything. I would say some times even better than my 150 mm AM-rig. But of course it´s on the sandy trails among the pines that its really feels the best.
The biggest surprise is how agile the bike feels. Easy to bunny, fast and light. I took a ride along the shores of the river of Luleå and it was awesome to just float around on the sand.

This is a view i´ll get used to.

It was a amazing night and i could have been out for a couple of more hours. The Mukluk sure makes you want to explore. It says adventure by bike on the chain stays for a reason.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and i can´t wait to test it on the great white trails during winter.

All work and no play. (and some inspiration)

Last weekend was spent in our beautiful capitol Stockholm. A 1000 kilometer trip south. I go down about two times a year to by stuff to my boutiqe. In august we buy the spring 2014 collection. These are intense days with all work and no play.

This time i did manage to squeeze in a quick stop at Bavabicis pop up store.

Simona usually have her business online. But during summer she is having a temporary store at Södermalm. It was awesome to finally meet her in person and to check out her stuff irl.

I got some cool accessorys for the Fat bike. But i´ll revel them when the bike is ready. =) Simona ride around Stockholm on her pink Bullitt. Now there is a bike for the future…

This is one of my dream bikes. With a rig like this i will use my car even less. I can go shopping at the super market, take the kids to the beach and a ton of other stuff.

The emptiness of a finished project.

I´m a cyclist. I love riding, even if it´s just 200 meters to buy some milk at the grocery store. But i´ve come to love building bikes more and more. I have put all my bikes together by myself (except the Pitch). Actually that’s the only way i can afford to have quite a sweet stable. Each part in process has its own beauty. It starts with a idea that grows to a fixation. I start to check forums and online stores. Then i buy the frame and start to fill up with component. It´s a long process often during winter. Last year it was the Kaffenback for Lars. For a time it looked like that was the only bike i would build during last winter. Then the Fat Bike bug bit me. It really stuck and since then Fat bikes is on my mind 24/7…

(pic borrowed from coast kids awesome blog)

The Mukluk is soon ready, just waiting for the rear mech. Still, it feels a bit empty. Don´t get me wrong. I cant wait to ride the big fat beauty. As a matter a fact i´ve never been so exited about a new rig. But still… A few ideas is starting to scratch my subconscious bike brain. Some ideas to convert the monster cross to more of a commuter with mungo bars and fenders. But the one that tickles the most is a replacement for my Specialized. Even if it´s an awesome bike i´d like to go for something a bit lighter. A 29 inch trail bike is the dream. The Nukeproof Mega tr has always been om my mind. For 2014 they are up-sizing the wheels to 650b (27,5)

Since i´ve got the Mukluk Salsa really become a favorite. I like their philosophy and genuine mtb heritage. lately i got eyes on their Horsethief 29er trail bike.

Both these are available as frame sets. So maybe if the Mukluk doesn’t take over completely and i get good money for the Pitch. There might be a new project for the winter. But then again. Winter season is now Mukluk season… =)

The Escape

Rebloging a post from Tim From Wales. Could not agree more to his words and, WATCH THE FILM!


When I started this post I thought it was going to be a lazy one. Oh I know I’ll just post a cool mountain bike video that someone else made and let people enjoy that.

After watching the video I realised how inspiring it was. Ok British Columbia is pretty big and synonymous with mountain biking, but still these guys had to ride from location to location carrying their kit with them. Great video and some stunning locations, if only we all had the time and the locations on our doorsteps for a road trip like this one.

Need to plan something like this some day…

Now the lazy bit, read the bit below and then grab a drink and settle back and watch the video.

Each town in British Columbia seems to offer better singletrack than the last one visited. To prove what’s out there Dave Roth and Seb…

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