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Fat bike update 3. (Getting shit done.)

Finally getting somewhere on the Mukluk project. The rims that i got from On-one wasn’t drilled. But inspired by this youtube clip i decided to give it a shot. I save about 300 grams a rim and it looks way more cooler. I got the tip to use a step drill instead of a hole drill. (30 mm)

It was actually easyer than i could imagne. The hardest thing was to centrate the holes. A few hours hard work and… Tadaa…

I wanted lime green rim tape. The only way to get that was to make it my self. I used some waxed table cloth and put that under the original rim tape.

Worked out pretty good.

Then it was time to fit tyres and tubes.



And all of a sudden i got me a rolling chassi. Yeay!!


Only drive train and breaks left. I’ll go for full 2×10 XT and BB7 breaks. The E-thirteen cranks is in place. I’ve also replaced the big ring with a Race Face bash guard.


The next update will be the premiere ride. Probably around next weekend.

Can’t wait! šŸ™‚

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