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The emptiness of a finished project.

I´m a cyclist. I love riding, even if it´s just 200 meters to buy some milk at the grocery store. But i´ve come to love building bikes more and more. I have put all my bikes together by myself (except the Pitch). Actually that’s the only way i can afford to have quite a sweet stable. Each part in process has its own beauty. It starts with a idea that grows to a fixation. I start to check forums and online stores. Then i buy the frame and start to fill up with component. It´s a long process often during winter. Last year it was the Kaffenback for Lars. For a time it looked like that was the only bike i would build during last winter. Then the Fat Bike bug bit me. It really stuck and since then Fat bikes is on my mind 24/7…

(pic borrowed from coast kids awesome blog)

The Mukluk is soon ready, just waiting for the rear mech. Still, it feels a bit empty. Don´t get me wrong. I cant wait to ride the big fat beauty. As a matter a fact i´ve never been so exited about a new rig. But still… A few ideas is starting to scratch my subconscious bike brain. Some ideas to convert the monster cross to more of a commuter with mungo bars and fenders. But the one that tickles the most is a replacement for my Specialized. Even if it´s an awesome bike i´d like to go for something a bit lighter. A 29 inch trail bike is the dream. The Nukeproof Mega tr has always been om my mind. For 2014 they are up-sizing the wheels to 650b (27,5)

Since i´ve got the Mukluk Salsa really become a favorite. I like their philosophy and genuine mtb heritage. lately i got eyes on their Horsethief 29er trail bike.

Both these are available as frame sets. So maybe if the Mukluk doesn’t take over completely and i get good money for the Pitch. There might be a new project for the winter. But then again. Winter season is now Mukluk season… =)

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