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All work and no play. (and some inspiration)

Last weekend was spent in our beautiful capitol Stockholm. A 1000 kilometer trip south. I go down about two times a year to by stuff to my boutiqe. In august we buy the spring 2014 collection. These are intense days with all work and no play.

This time i did manage to squeeze in a quick stop at Bavabicis pop up store.

Simona usually have her business online. But during summer she is having a temporary store at Södermalm. It was awesome to finally meet her in person and to check out her stuff irl.

I got some cool accessorys for the Fat bike. But i´ll revel them when the bike is ready. =) Simona ride around Stockholm on her pink Bullitt. Now there is a bike for the future…

This is one of my dream bikes. With a rig like this i will use my car even less. I can go shopping at the super market, take the kids to the beach and a ton of other stuff.

4 thoughts on “All work and no play. (and some inspiration)”

  1. That stuff is just plain COOL! Totally my kind of style! Can’t wait to see your new things on your fat bike!

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