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Hail to the White Queen!

It´s finally ready. I´ve been working on the fat bike since January. The plan was to have it ready for winter but the urge to ride it at our sandy trails was to big.
I must say i was pretty curios how it would handle with those big floating tires. Would it be heavy and slow? Would it be to much for my local trails? Was it just a fix idea and when turned to reality a bike for special occasions…?
NO, no and hell NO! My first ride was 19 km on various trails. Ok, asphalt is not the best for a fat bike. But gravel roads, singletrack, trails, sand, roots and gnarly rocks. It just eats everything. I would say some times even better than my 150 mm AM-rig. But of course it´s on the sandy trails among the pines that its really feels the best.
The biggest surprise is how agile the bike feels. Easy to bunny, fast and light. I took a ride along the shores of the river of Luleå and it was awesome to just float around on the sand.

This is a view i´ll get used to.

It was a amazing night and i could have been out for a couple of more hours. The Mukluk sure makes you want to explore. It says adventure by bike on the chain stays for a reason.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and i can´t wait to test it on the great white trails during winter.

2 thoughts on “Hail to the White Queen!”

  1. Nice Mukluk! It looks great, the colors are pretty amazing. I also like the white Mary bars, I have never seen them in white. Enjoy!

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