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Last days summer.

We’re moving towards September and the days is getting colder. Some of the trees has started to turn yellow. The colors of autum is soon upon us. Regardless we got some summer heat this weekend. Luckely we had planed to take a exploration ride to the coast. Could not had asked for better weather.

We found our way to the shores. Sweet trails for me and Sven who run fattys. But the other guys had a quite a rough time. When we got there we threw our self in the gulf of bothnia. It might be warm outside but the water was already icecold.

Again, this is fat bike country!

On the way back i sold the fat bike concept to my friend Mikael. I lent him the white queen for a couple of kilometers. You can tell by his face he enjoyed it. 🙂

We took another trail back. Passing through some military grounds. The Air base is just around the corner. Sven checked the sign. “Warning! Tear gas training” Lucky for us it was folded.

It turned out to quite a ride. 35 kilometers, including five kilometer transport.

This was my second ride on the Mukluk. I must say it really is an amazing machine. People say: What do you use a fat bike for? I say: What do you NOT use it for!


8 thoughts on “Last days summer.”

  1. Looks fantastic. Inspires me to want to get out on the trails (so I did a bit this morning). I think I have to look into a fat bike next year so I can go cycling on the beach (we don’t get snow here so I wouldn’t get it for that)

    1. Thanks Andrew.
      Of course you need to check out the fat bike scene. But watch out. Once you get bitten by the bug it´s hard to resist. 😉

      1. I did some research today. Fat bikes are still hideously expensive here in Australia. I might have to wait a few years for the prices to come down (I can’t afford thousands for a new set of wheels – my price range is the $800-$1000 category) 😦

  2. Very cool! Last week, while I was trapped in my cold basement apartment working too much and not riding my bike, I was convinced summer was over. These past couple of days, I emerged back into the sunlight and got back on the bike…and it’s been HOT! Hoping that I didn’t miss too much riding time before Fall comes!

    Great pics!

    1. Thanks Echo.
      The weather is holding out up here. Going out for a ride right now. Bringing the GoPro. Stay tuned… 😉

      1. I would like to mention right now that I am jealous you have a GoPro!!!! 🙂 can’t wait to see the video!

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