Two billion cars?

Check out this kickstarter project. A documentary about the car industry and how money talks.

“The bicycle, an amazing tool for change. People all over the world are moving towards a new system. Will the economic power allow it?”

It does not take a genius to realize the we can not go on driving cars alone every day.
we are many. Lets make a difference!

Friends, rain and fish at Aurora safari camp.

Once again it was time to return to Råneå river valley and our dear friends Anna and Fredrik. We have not been here since easter. This time we got an invitation for a mackerel feast along with some other dear friends. Fredrik, founder of also runs an amazing Safari camp along the Råneå river. So amazing the Sunday Times snapped it up. The easy way to get there is jump in Fredriks boat and travel a few kilometers down stream. But of course i brought the fat bike. Never leave home with out it. 😉


So whilst the others took the boat. Me, Lars and Andreas hit the trails in the rainy fairy tale forest along the river valley.DCIM100GOPRO It wast colorful, wet and perfect fat bike conditions.
It was a short run, even if we got a little bit lost, but yet super fun. DCIM100GOPRO
The Aurora safari camp is sited along the river shore on a small hill. Even if the weather today was at it worse the place still is stunningly beautiful.
This is the bridge for the boat arrivals. Perfect place for sunbathing and swims in the midnightsun. But maybe not today…
While we rode the big tent had been prepared for a champagne toast. It´s a great feeling to sit in a cozy warm tent while the rain pounds hard on the outside.
The girls was pretty pleased with what was offered. 20130923-130338.jpg
Me and Zak took the opportunity to pick some of the seasons last blueberry’s. He refused to stay inside and loved to be out in the poring rain.
When the champagne was out and the kids had eaten their grilled hot dogs we headed back for a big dinner. Anna and Fredrik had been over to Norway a few months ago for some serious mackerel fishing. Now it was time to smoke them up and serve with Lars salsa sauces and some tortillas. Talk about cross kitchen.
As always an fantastic day and evening. The kids fell asleep and we loaded up the car for the trip home around midnight. Thanks guys! Your´re really the best and i´m blessed to have friends like you. My dear friend Mió also blogged from the weekend. Check it!
Read more about Fredriks Aurora safari camp in Metro UK here and here. Also check out their Facebook page here.

Huffin´n Puffin. Lets make it happen!

Sam at Singular cycles is putting a new fat bike on the market. But he needs our help! Singular cycles is one of my absolute favorite bike brands. A small company with big heart and true bike soul. I probably like it because i also run a small company and i know how it is to battle against the dragons. I ride their Peregrine daily and i love it! Since Singular i a small, one man company Sam needs our help to make the Puffin happen. Support the Kickstarter project so we can have a Fat bike from Singular. I sure will!

And if you support with £400 Sam says:
“Production frame and fork sets will retail at £595 GBP – if you back this project in an amount of £400 GBP you will receive a Singular Puffin frameset (frame and fork) in the size of your choice. Additional shipping costs will apply for backers outside the United Kingdom.”

Let´s help this good gentlemen to put another beauty on the market! =)

Never forget. Never stop trying.

The thing about autumn i always forget is my feelings of loss and how short life is. Since i lost my father nine years ago (has it really been that long) this beautiful time of year always bring back memories. My dad was my best friend and we were very close. He was strong as an ox but still he didn´t stand a chance against the cancer that finally beat him.

A few days ago a well known Swedish musician, journalist and blogger passed away. Kristian His blog about the incurable cancer that took his life had thousands of readers. I have some friends who tricked death and beat this awful disease. And just recently another friend, not close but still a friend, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
All this things ad up and my mind start spinning. I´m 42 years old now…

Lets say if i´m lucky i´ve got half my life left. I´m blessed with a beautiful family awesome friends. I live in a part of the world that is quiet and peaceful. Although egoism and greed is coming. Racist politic parties is growing even i Sweden. We seem more interested in succeed our self’s instead of helping our neighbor. The world is spinning faster and we are stuck in our smart phones and will do anything to get more likes on our social medias.This is not an accusation. I´m well aware that i´m one of those people to. But i´ve made a promise. I will try to see the real people around me. I will see the adventure that´s just around the corner of my house. I will play lego with the kids instead of watch tv all night before bedtime. I will read a book again. I will do something fun on a Tuesday. I will tell Jessica i love her every day.

“I don´t wanna say, i wish. I wanna say, Damn! That was awesome!”

Road trip and Fat bike frenzy.

We been on a family road trip and the blog´s been resting for about a week. The old Toyota took us to a late summer week in Stockholm.
20130918-102805.jpgWell, now we´re home again and the autumn really got a grip on Swedish Lapland. Normally this time of year it feels a little bit empty since cycling season soon is over.
But since the Mukluk joined my stable i cant wait for the snow. =D

Also Inter bike has kicked off. I stumbled over Bike radars FB page and found this Fat bike galore

It seems like carbon is the next big thing. I´m not really a fan of carbon but, the new wheels from Borealis look pretty awesome. says: “In the first 5 minutes of Day 1 of the Interbike Outdoor Demo we saw more fat-bikes than we saw all of last year.” Read all about it here.

Spreading the love…

So, i decided to try out a Facebook page for the blog. I´m a frequent FB user and i kind of spam my non-cyclist friends news feed with cycling stuff. Now i will try to separate them… Since i started up the blog the cycling community has gone global for me. It´s kind of nice to have small conversations with people all over the world with the same passion.
Makes me belive in the human race and i think it is proof that we are more alike than we think. No matter if we´re Outside Cincinnati, going Transventure down under or an Echoing in the city. We all share the same air and gaze at the same moon. See ya out there… =)