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Food bonanza and beautiful nights.

I’ve had quite a busy week. Not much time for riding besides to work. But the other night we went out to check the DH-trails we´re building in the local ski slope. We´re planing to finish up with a excavator before the snow arrives. I had the gopro with me. Some shots of the trail will come…
September has shown her best sides this year and the evening was truly stunning.


Since Wednesday our little northern town been visited by touring international food fair. It seems like the citizens of Luleå is a bit under stimulated on international cousine. Main street has been packed with people. I´ve had all kind of nice lunches the last few days, like:

Today the only ones without queue shorter than 30 min was the Germans. =)
So it was wurst und sauerkraut on the lunch menu today, very under rated, missed the beer tough.

There is also a bunch of delicacy stands filled with cheese, ham and salamis.

Right after work i´m bringing my daughter to have some crocodile burgers at the Australian stand. =)

This was the first time the international food fair was north of Stockholm. Regarding to the response form the citizens i´ll bet they´re coming back next year.

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