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Spreading the love…

So, i decided to try out a Facebook page for the blog. I´m a frequent FB user and i kind of spam my non-cyclist friends news feed with cycling stuff. Now i will try to separate them… Since i started up the blog the cycling community has gone global for me. It´s kind of nice to have small conversations with people all over the world with the same passion.
Makes me belive in the human race and i think it is proof that we are more alike than we think. No matter if we´re Outside Cincinnati, going Transventure down under or an Echoing in the city. We all share the same air and gaze at the same moon. See ya out there… =)

4 thoughts on “Spreading the love…”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! =D I agree — connecting with cyclists all over the world has certainly given me a refreshed, more positive, perspective of us humans! I just ‘liked’ your facebook page.

  2. H – I wandered into your blog. I have some questions about your Face Page experiences. I don’t want to clog your blog. Would it be okay to talk via email? Pat

      1. I just set up a Face Page, so I think I figured the first part out. When I get further along, I might drop you a line. Good luck with your launch.

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