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Movie 29. Contrasts of Luleå.

I joined a little film competiton. Our city is celebrating crossing 75 000 citicens. The idea is to show the best thing about living in Luleå i 75 seconds. For me it is the contrasts that makes Luleå unique.

6 thoughts on “Movie 29. Contrasts of Luleå.”

  1. Thanks for the little video of Lulea. We were in Malmo (which I realize is not Lapland) for 1 day as an outing from Copenhagen where my partner attended a Velo-city cycling conference. (I cruised the city on bike and enjoyed it for a few days.)

    It would be cool to include more women cyclists on fat bikes in your blog. Does your town have many non-Swedish (blonde) people living there? Meaning non-whites?

    1. Hi Jean. Glad you like my little video from Luleå. I do agree that we need more women in the cycling community. The kid in the film is my daughter 🙂 Luleå is a very small town about 180 miles (metric) north of Malmö. We are around 75 000 and two fat bikes. My girlfriend does not ride… yet. 😉 Regarding non blond swedes up here its quiet a bunch of them. But to me it makes no difference if you are blond or not. I´m not sure what you mean by that question? Anyway, thanks for commenting. Cheers/ Olov

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