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Never forget. Never stop trying.

The thing about autumn i always forget is my feelings of loss and how short life is. Since i lost my father nine years ago (has it really been that long) this beautiful time of year always bring back memories. My dad was my best friend and we were very close. He was strong as an ox but still he didn´t stand a chance against the cancer that finally beat him.

A few days ago a well known Swedish musician, journalist and blogger passed away. Kristian His blog about the incurable cancer that took his life had thousands of readers. I have some friends who tricked death and beat this awful disease. And just recently another friend, not close but still a friend, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
All this things ad up and my mind start spinning. I´m 42 years old now…

Lets say if i´m lucky i´ve got half my life left. I´m blessed with a beautiful family awesome friends. I live in a part of the world that is quiet and peaceful. Although egoism and greed is coming. Racist politic parties is growing even i Sweden. We seem more interested in succeed our self’s instead of helping our neighbor. The world is spinning faster and we are stuck in our smart phones and will do anything to get more likes on our social medias.This is not an accusation. I´m well aware that i´m one of those people to. But i´ve made a promise. I will try to see the real people around me. I will see the adventure that´s just around the corner of my house. I will play lego with the kids instead of watch tv all night before bedtime. I will read a book again. I will do something fun on a Tuesday. I will tell Jessica i love her every day.

“I don´t wanna say, i wish. I wanna say, Damn! That was awesome!”

6 thoughts on “Never forget. Never stop trying.”

  1. Death is the ultimate limit, a reminder that we need to appreciate this beautiful thing called life while we have it. Death is an opportunity to remember the person’s life, and be grateful for what they gave us.
    Love them till they are there.
    I can’t imagine the pain of losing one’s father. I fear that day. 😦

    1. Yeah, i´ll guess the knowledge of our own death is both a blessing and a curse. It´s what makes us human. Loss i also a part of life. I also could not imagine a life without dad. But you are a thousand times stronger than you think. When reality catches up you deal with it

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