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Friends, rain and fish at Aurora safari camp.

Once again it was time to return to Råneå river valley and our dear friends Anna and Fredrik. We have not been here since easter. This time we got an invitation for a mackerel feast along with some other dear friends. Fredrik, founder of also runs an amazing Safari camp along the Råneå river. So amazing the Sunday Times snapped it up. The easy way to get there is jump in Fredriks boat and travel a few kilometers down stream. But of course i brought the fat bike. Never leave home with out it. 😉


So whilst the others took the boat. Me, Lars and Andreas hit the trails in the rainy fairy tale forest along the river valley.DCIM100GOPRO It wast colorful, wet and perfect fat bike conditions.
It was a short run, even if we got a little bit lost, but yet super fun. DCIM100GOPRO
The Aurora safari camp is sited along the river shore on a small hill. Even if the weather today was at it worse the place still is stunningly beautiful.
This is the bridge for the boat arrivals. Perfect place for sunbathing and swims in the midnightsun. But maybe not today…
While we rode the big tent had been prepared for a champagne toast. It´s a great feeling to sit in a cozy warm tent while the rain pounds hard on the outside.
The girls was pretty pleased with what was offered. 20130923-130338.jpg
Me and Zak took the opportunity to pick some of the seasons last blueberry’s. He refused to stay inside and loved to be out in the poring rain.
When the champagne was out and the kids had eaten their grilled hot dogs we headed back for a big dinner. Anna and Fredrik had been over to Norway a few months ago for some serious mackerel fishing. Now it was time to smoke them up and serve with Lars salsa sauces and some tortillas. Talk about cross kitchen.
As always an fantastic day and evening. The kids fell asleep and we loaded up the car for the trip home around midnight. Thanks guys! Your´re really the best and i´m blessed to have friends like you. My dear friend Mió also blogged from the weekend. Check it!
Read more about Fredriks Aurora safari camp in Metro UK here and here. Also check out their Facebook page here.

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