Autumn on pause.

It really looked good there for a while. Beautiful sunny days, a few centimeters of snow and temperatures below zero. The ices started to build up and it really felt like the winter was on its way. Then, the rain and warm winds came back. My cold, that´s been stuck on my lungs got worse and i have not ride my bike for weeks. These thing can really were you down. The every day business, eat, work, sleep… same, same every day. *sigh*

But now it´s enough! I finally went to the doctor and my asthma is being treated properly. As for the poor Mukluk that hasn’t been ridden properly for weeks, she´s been treated with a little upgrade. Planing for the 200 km trip later this winter i need to get me some bags. First up: Salsas own frame bag for the Mukluk

Got to thank Michel over at for getting me one.
They´re quite hard to come over i Sweden.

More upgrades coming up. One-one just announced on Instagram that their carbon fat bike fork will be available pretty soon. I like the enabler fork that is fitted originally on the Muk´ and i will use it for long rides due to its awesome mounts. However i would not say no to losing 500 grams when out ripping the local trails. Plus it looks awesome…

I have a feeling this winter is going to awesome. We also started to plan a Fat Bike event/race in march. I´ll get back to that later… 🙂

What goes around, comes around…

Into The Orchard

“When i grow up i will never make my kids go to bed when they don´t want to!”

My six year old whines to me as i tell her it´s past bed time. I can still remember those things myself. When your parents set up rules or make you do stuff you don’t want to. I grew up just where the river of Luleå hits the Bay of Bothnia. My father always went fishing by net up stream and all winter the icebox was filled with fresh white fish and trout. Today a luxury, but then, for a kid aged ten a nightmare. I swore i would never make my kids eat fish. Did i keep that oath?
Of course not! It´s funny how life turn out and what makes us who we are. We work our asses of trying to raise our kids right. We read books about…

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In the name of the father.

Today, the 17 of October my dad would have turned 82 years old. Unfortunately cancer took him nine years ago. He was quite a guy my dad. Handsome as hell and loved by every one. He was a man of the sea. Born and raised on the shore of the river of Luleå where it meets the bay of Bothnia. His passion in life were sailing. From when i was five we were out at sea every weekend and vacation. During winter he raced his ice yacht at 70 km/h across the ice. Perhaps yachting isn’t the first thing to pop in your mind thinking about in Swedish Lapland. But we have an amazing archipelago up here with over 1300 islands.
He never saw himself as a cyclist. However he rode his bike every day all year around. No snowstorm could stop him.
I still got his old saddle cover.
Cant imagine how many times it has crossed the bridge over the river of Luleå as we lived on the south side.

I miss him like hell every day but i´m grateful to have had him as my father. After all we don’t get to choose our parents. I´m really sad he didn´t get to meet my crazy and amazing kids. But thats just life i guess.

I miss u old man. I wish i could be at least half the man you were.

Learning to fly…

Last night we gathered to watch the amazing Red Bull Rampage 2013. The most crazy, amazing, breath taking free ride competition on mountain bikes. It was an evening of some crazy stunts. One of the biggest “woaaa” moments was Cameron Zinks sick backflip from the biggest drop on the course.

There sure were some cycling history going down on the thirteenth of October 2013. Not only the ground braking tricks of Red Bll Rampage. But it was also a big day over at our place. Yesterday my son rode his bike for the first time. Can you remember the first time? when brain and body work together and you realize how it all works. It´s an amazing feeling that we never forget. Perhaps equal to Zinks flip. I´m pretty sure he´ll never forget that moment when he lands that huge flip. Just as he never forget his first pedal strokes, when he as a kid cracked the code of riding a bicycle.

Just like this little champ who just turned three years old. =)

Sweet dreams are made of…

There are meny diffrent schools regarding frame material. Many means that “Steel is real”. Others think carbon fiber is the way to go, light, stiff and stealthy. Aluminum is cheap, light and most common. But as the Highlander says: There can be only one! And the one who lives forever is of course Titanium. The sexiest stuff you can build a bike of. I have the fortune to own a titanium bike, my roadie from Van Nicholas. DCIM100GOPRO
Unfortunately it´s the bike i ride the least. The frame is extremely comfortable and literally eats the vibrations from the road. It´s very light. The complete bike weighs about 8.5 kilos and i could easily lighten it up one kilo by just swap bars, cranks, post and saddle for lighter carbon fiber parts. On top of that it´s just pure beauty. Titanium does not need any paint or other finnish. It is complete corroding free just like it is. The backside? It is expensive as hell! And with a bike line up like mine it would just not be an option to have more than one.

But i must say that the Salsa Mukluk ti is calling my name. I´v always preferred titanium bike raw, with no paint at all. That was until i got eyes on the new Mukluk ti. The guys at Salsa sure knows how to make them! In fact the whole line up for 2014 is quite awesome!

I´m even thinking of getting rid of all my other bikes just to afford this beauty. But i´m sure i will come to sense, and sell the car instead. 😉

The great escape, out the back door.

I’m offically one of the bloggers at 🙂 This is my first post. I’ll still be spreading the bike love from “bike life” At “in to orchard i’ll try to ventilate other topics. Hope you like it.

Into The Orchard

Please allow me to introduce my self, I’m not a man of wealth but hopefully of taste.
My name is Olov, i live in Luleå a small town by the bay of bothnia in Swedish Lapland. I´m 42 years old, father of two and a hard core bike addict. This is my first post at “In to the Orchard” and i feel honored to be a part this awesome blog.
Writing is quite new to me. I´ve started just a few years ago as a columnist at a local paper and it still scares the hell out of me. But since i got kids i try to live by their device. I mean we tell our kids to try out new things, to challenge them and to learn by trail and error. But why stop just because we grow up? Why not continue? Why set boundaries because we think…

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