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Dull boy making fun winter plans.

I haven´t been out on a proper ride in four weeks. Lots of work and a bad ass cold that has worn down my trachea with bad asthma as result. I really cant remember the last time i was broken for such a long time. I spend the days planning to upgrade my bikes. The fat bike needs lights. The winter is long and dark in Swedish Lapland.
Found this awesome Moonlander over at

Truly inspirational. Kind of hard to find a front rack that will fit. I´ll guess i have to build it by myself.
The Mukluk has woke my lust for touring. My friend Sven had some plans to ride “Malmens väg” or the ore trail.
It´s a 200 km long trail in witch the ore was taken by horse from the mines in Gellivare to the coast. Today it´s a snowmobile/hiking trail. Perfect for fat bike adventures. It starts above the arctic circle and runs all the way to Luleå.

The trail has many cabins and the plan is to stop by at Aurora Safari Camp. The winter is the best time at the Camp.

See… It´s funny how plans start to grow when your bored. Now i need to call Sven with the Pugsly and start planning.

3 thoughts on “Dull boy making fun winter plans.”

  1. I hope that you are feeling better and that you can get back out on the Mukluk soon! That tour looks like it would be amazing. I hope you get a chance to do it. Get well soon!


  2. OlovS – That does indeed look like an exciting route. I have already begun dreaming of riding it with you. Regarding the possibility of doing a Guest Blog for the Salsa website, please contact me at Salsa via my email address. Thanks, Kid

    1. Good to hear from you Kid. The trip is a few months away. I´ll send you an email regarding guest blog.

      Cheers, Olov

      P.s. You´re always welcome to Swedish Lapland. 🙂

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