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Autumn ride with n00bs.

Finally the ever so persistent cold starting to loose it´s grip and today i went on my first proper ride in weeks. For a few while we have planed to take a ride with some of the border members of our outdoor association Friluftsfrämjandet. Where we just started a mountain bike branch.

Petter and Beatrice were the only ones who wasn´t to busy and felt ready to try something new. Both are experienced in outdoor life but this was their first encounter with fast trails and suspension forks.

They dropped by my place on hybrid bikes, so first thing was to get them some proper rides. Petter got my Spech pitch and Bea borrowed Jessicas red hardtail. We set of along the the Luleå river and i showed them the sandy trails were i use to ride the Mukluk. Down by the shore we ran in to some of our four legged friends. Beautiful beasts.

We found some new trails.

Finally they led us to the sloped sand shores that are so significant for the big rivers up here.

We stopped for lunch and coffee admiring the autumns beautiful colors along the shores. This time of year is amazing. I´m really happy to feel better so i can enjoy the few weeks left before winter takes a fast grip of our part of the world.


At home the trees are burning but soon they will be weighed down with heavy snow. Can´t wait. 😉


I was impressed with their first ride. Big smiles regardless of the 30 km we rode.

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