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Sweet dreams are made of…

There are meny diffrent schools regarding frame material. Many means that “Steel is real”. Others think carbon fiber is the way to go, light, stiff and stealthy. Aluminum is cheap, light and most common. But as the Highlander says: There can be only one! And the one who lives forever is of course Titanium. The sexiest stuff you can build a bike of. I have the fortune to own a titanium bike, my roadie from Van Nicholas. DCIM100GOPRO
Unfortunately it´s the bike i ride the least. The frame is extremely comfortable and literally eats the vibrations from the road. It´s very light. The complete bike weighs about 8.5 kilos and i could easily lighten it up one kilo by just swap bars, cranks, post and saddle for lighter carbon fiber parts. On top of that it´s just pure beauty. Titanium does not need any paint or other finnish. It is complete corroding free just like it is. The backside? It is expensive as hell! And with a bike line up like mine it would just not be an option to have more than one.

But i must say that the Salsa Mukluk ti is calling my name. I´v always preferred titanium bike raw, with no paint at all. That was until i got eyes on the new Mukluk ti. The guys at Salsa sure knows how to make them! In fact the whole line up for 2014 is quite awesome!

I´m even thinking of getting rid of all my other bikes just to afford this beauty. But i´m sure i will come to sense, and sell the car instead. 😉

5 thoughts on “Sweet dreams are made of…”

  1. I have been seeing these Mukluk Ti beauties around lately, making me really jealous!! I really like the green with the raw titanium. I am really excited for my red Mukluk 3 to be arriving any day soon, but I realize if I had more money I could already be riding one of these. The Titanium bikes are manufactured in the States and that is why they are the first to show up here for the 2014 line, I hear that the others are stalled in Asia. The bike shop here in the valley has the Ti Mukluks all displayed in front of the shop that I go by everyday just to taunt me I believe. They are awesome!!! Also, I came across a beauty of a fat bike made by 9zero7 out of Alaska, they are quite nice as well.

    1. Yeah the green one is stunning! Lucky you having bikeshops with real bikes to look at. Me, i have to settle with the internet. 😉
      Can´t wait to hear about your response to riding the Muk´ =)

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