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Learning to fly…

Last night we gathered to watch the amazing Red Bull Rampage 2013. The most crazy, amazing, breath taking free ride competition on mountain bikes. It was an evening of some crazy stunts. One of the biggest “woaaa” moments was Cameron Zinks sick backflip from the biggest drop on the course.

There sure were some cycling history going down on the thirteenth of October 2013. Not only the ground braking tricks of Red Bll Rampage. But it was also a big day over at our place. Yesterday my son rode his bike for the first time. Can you remember the first time? when brain and body work together and you realize how it all works. It´s an amazing feeling that we never forget. Perhaps equal to Zinks flip. I´m pretty sure he´ll never forget that moment when he lands that huge flip. Just as he never forget his first pedal strokes, when he as a kid cracked the code of riding a bicycle.

Just like this little champ who just turned three years old. =)

2 thoughts on “Learning to fly…”

  1. It was an awesome nights viewing… I am quietly pleased we didn’t get to see McGarry, Zink and Strait run again as I think one of them have done themselves a serious injury in the one-up-man-ship stakes!

    1. My thought exactly, how were the ever gonna top their first runs. Must say i liked MacGarrys run better then Strait. Plus think Lacondeguy should had made it to the podium. He was the most fun to watch.

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