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Autumn on pause.

It really looked good there for a while. Beautiful sunny days, a few centimeters of snow and temperatures below zero. The ices started to build up and it really felt like the winter was on its way. Then, the rain and warm winds came back. My cold, that´s been stuck on my lungs got worse and i have not ride my bike for weeks. These thing can really were you down. The every day business, eat, work, sleep… same, same every day. *sigh*

But now it´s enough! I finally went to the doctor and my asthma is being treated properly. As for the poor Mukluk that hasn’t been ridden properly for weeks, she´s been treated with a little upgrade. Planing for the 200 km trip later this winter i need to get me some bags. First up: Salsas own frame bag for the Mukluk

Got to thank Michel over at Traversbikes.com for getting me one.
They´re quite hard to come over i Sweden.

More upgrades coming up. One-one just announced on Instagram that their carbon fat bike fork will be available pretty soon. I like the enabler fork that is fitted originally on the Muk´ and i will use it for long rides due to its awesome mounts. However i would not say no to losing 500 grams when out ripping the local trails. Plus it looks awesome…

I have a feeling this winter is going to awesome. We also started to plan a Fat Bike event/race in march. I´ll get back to that later… 🙂

6 thoughts on “Autumn on pause.”

  1. We really have the middle ground here in the UK. I have to choose between skinny mud cutting tyres or wider dh style tyres for bouyancy during our winter!

    1. Tim, it´s time to give in now. Get on the fat bike train and you´ll never stop smiling, regardless of season. 😉

  2. Looking forward to following your winter biking too! meanwhile here in California, I’m getting excited for sandy, desert fat biking now that the temperatures have subsided to tolerable levels

    1. Thanks Tom.
      Love your long ride reports. I would love to try desert riding some time. But for now it´s the long winter thats a head of me.

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