Oops, i did it again

I kind of started a new bike project. Since we hang out quite a lot in the local skate park, me and the kids. And with Emmy getting a mini bmx for christmas I figured i needed a proper bike too. Said and done, i bought my self an old DMR Switchback frame and a pair of DeeTrax wheels from a guy in our DH-facebook group. I´m not sure about the frame, it ´s been welded since there were some cracks. But the wheels are in great condition.

Some may thing i got a major midlife crisis starting to hang at the skate park and all. Well to hell with them. I´m 42 and if i want a park bike i´ll fix myself a park bike. =)


No matter how old i get i will always feel like this when i´m riding any of my bikes.

To be continued…

Icebreakers waking up

Winter sure is coming and the temperature i dropping way below zero. But still no snow! Normally i don’t mind if the fluffy white stuff waits a few extra weeks. But this year i just can’t wait to try the fat bike at packed snowmobile trails. Still, we just got a few centimeters. I took a ride down to the icebreakers this morning. The cold weather, -14°C today, will make the ice thick and strong. But they are still resting since the sea still is ice free.
This is Oden, the largest one. It currently serves as an expedition vessel, mainly to Antarctic. All of them rests here during summer and are a well known sight to us here in Luleå. My father in law was captain on one of them, in the seventies, when the marine still was in in charge of the icebreakers.

Cold weather means clear skies. These pics was taken around 09.30 am and the sun has been up for about one hour.

This is a beautiful time of year. It is quiet rare that the ice stay snow free for such a long time. But this means time for ice skating and if we are really lucky ice yachting.

But still, i dream of snowy days in the saddle…

Christmas gift??? Problem solved.

I got a quite tough six year old girl. She likes skateboarding, cycling and kick bikes. She’s the hardest one i the family to buy presents to. The average kids toys just end up lying around the house. The dollhouse she got a couple of years ago is donated to her baby brother. She wants a BMX but are a bit to little to handle it. She always steels her baby brothers small bike and loves to play around with it! I´ve been searching the web for a smaller BMX around 16″-18″ and found a few but not quite good enough. Then this cool thing from Rocker BMX turned up in my feed.

How awesome is that! We sure will be rocking in the skate hall this winter. You can get them from Slam69.co.uk
And best of all. I can borrow it from time to time… =)

Luxury Camp in Swedish Lapland won innovation prize.

Contgratz to my friend Fredrik Broman on the innovation prize for his Aurora safari camp! I´ve been here a couple of times an sure will return! Here are all my blog posts about the camp. =) https://bikelifeinswedishlapland.com/tag/aurora-safari-camp/

arctic trend

Well-Being and Glamping is a great niche for luxury travel.
Aurora Safari Camp, an outdoor nature lavvu camp, less than an 1 hour North of Luleå and Boden, is a nature retreat perched on a point by the Råneriver, in the woods, near Lassbyn.
Quietly relaxing in a lavvu camp between the river and the mountain. With natural clean water bottled at the property. It is a true luxury, like the last time spending time at the camp, gazing at the stars and the northern lights, enjoying great gourmet food, and hanging out by the open fire.

This week, Aurora Safari Camp won the prestigious Award at the Academy of Swedish Lapland. The 2013 Innovation Award.

Aurora safari Camp on FB

More Aurora Safari Camp

Enjoy! /a

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Ice, ice baby

I had a few minutes over before work this morning. So i took the Muk´on a little ride down to the docks. Last night was the coldest so far this autumn and during the night a thin ice layer covered our city bay. Hopefully the cold weather holds on. Then the iceroad between north and south harbor soon will open. The city has just completed an restaruation of the old dock and crane. It’s a really nice place to watch the sunrise with the ice breakers in the background.