De-crossing the Monster cross.

Since this autumn mostly contains of rain and damp weather. I decided to do some upgrades on the Singular Peregrine. It has been built as the basic Monster cross. 29″ 2.0 Race kings, midge bars and no fenders. It´s been my all rounder for a couple of years. But now when the fat bike joined me, it will be my winter machine. So the Peregrine has gone from monster to commuter, poor thing. =(
I´t really started with me not being satisfied with my Brooks swift saddle. It´s been really confy for a few years but the last months it started to give me pain. Pain in the areas where you as a gentlemen do NOT want to have pain. It somehow formed to much after my sweet behind and it literary felt like i was sitting on my prostate.
So since i´ve had the worst man flu in history and not been riding for weeks. I was starting to get pretty restless so some grime time saved the day. I still wanted a classic look so i ordered a San Marco vintage and a Mungo bar from On-one.

I love the bar tape from Brooks. Just swapped over to the new bars.

And the saddle out of the box

I bought the fender about the same time the bike was ready but i only tried them on once. They did not really work with the raw mister cross appearance. But now they´re quite stylish.

So now i got my autumn ride. It might rain until christmas if it has to. But of course when I’m done…..
Winter is here.


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