Fat Bike, MTB

Icebreakers waking up

Winter sure is coming and the temperature i dropping way below zero. But still no snow! Normally i don’t mind if the fluffy white stuff waits a few extra weeks. But this year i just can’t wait to try the fat bike at packed snowmobile trails. Still, we just got a few centimeters. I took a ride down to the icebreakers this morning. The cold weather, -14°C today, will make the ice thick and strong. But they are still resting since the sea still is ice free.
This is Oden, the largest one. It currently serves as an expedition vessel, mainly to Antarctic. All of them rests here during summer and are a well known sight to us here in Luleå. My father in law was captain on one of them, in the seventies, when the marine still was in in charge of the icebreakers.

Cold weather means clear skies. These pics was taken around 09.30 am and the sun has been up for about one hour.

This is a beautiful time of year. It is quiet rare that the ice stay snow free for such a long time. But this means time for ice skating and if we are really lucky ice yachting.

But still, i dream of snowy days in the saddle…

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