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Oops, i did it again

I kind of started a new bike project. Since we hang out quite a lot in the local skate park, me and the kids. And with Emmy getting a mini bmx for christmas I figured i needed a proper bike too. Said and done, i bought my self an old DMR Switchback frame and a pair of DeeTrax wheels from a guy in our DH-facebook group. I´m not sure about the frame, it ´s been welded since there were some cracks. But the wheels are in great condition.

Some may thing i got a major midlife crisis starting to hang at the skate park and all. Well to hell with them. I´m 42 and if i want a park bike i´ll fix myself a park bike. =)


No matter how old i get i will always feel like this when i´m riding any of my bikes.

To be continued…

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